Sunday, February 5, 2017

Disney Hacks - Strollers

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When you #DisneySoHard, your stroller is your royal carriage. After you've pushed the kids for seven miles in the Florida heat it can feel more like you're schlepping around a pumpkin on wheels if you haven't used my #DisneyHacks for selecting and loading your stroller like a #DisneyBoss. Check out my Disney Hacks series here to learn how to make your life easier and how to #HackYourDisneyVacation.

"Lareina, how many more double strollers do you really think we need to try?" questioned my Prince Charming as I scoured the stroller section during our third trip to the baby store, "They're all going to be the same."

"Ha! All the same?!" I retorted "There are double wides, double tandems, sit and stands and even a double tandem that looks like a bunk bed! Our kids need to be able to eat, recline and be comfy - all with good sun coverage. I need to have storage and the ability to hang food bags on it like it's heading up the Alps. I want it to be easy to maneuver through the crowds on a dime. I need to be able to add a third kid if our oldest gets too tired at the end of the night. I need to find the SUPERFECTA of double strollers for our year of Disney visits!"

Prince Charming gave me his somewhat amused "Riiiiight..." look. 

Then, I saw it. It was Epic. Magical. Tears of happiness streamed down my cheek as we loaded all three kids into the BOB Revolution Pro Duallie jogging stroller and maneuvered past the diaper section and around the the high chairs like WHAT - effortlessly! 

I had to pay for the BOB stroller, so this is NOT a paid ad. Nope, it's much more organic than that. I'm seriously #MomCrushing on this stroller, even at home walking through the neighborhood and at the mall. Through the vacation my Prince Charming, sister and my mom fell in love with it too. Especially when my sister was straining to maneuver her double stroller and I gave her that "I told you should have rented/borrowed/bought the BOB Revolution Pro Duallie" look and she shot me back her "Shut your face, ugh, I hate it when you're right" look. #HiveMind

Here is our Daddy sherpa pushing all three kids through Epcot after a long day in the park. 

Loading your stroller is equally as important to a successful day at Disney. You can check out my post about how to pack a #DisneyGrabBag here, and see which essentials I recommend toting to the park. Below I'll show how to load it on your stroller so it's easy to push and not top heavy and tipping. 

What I used on the stroller:
  • 2 mommy hooks
  • 2 16-can Igloo cooler totes
  • Back pack (see how to pack a #DisneyGrabBag blog here)
  • Flashing LED hanger (to help you find your stroller at night or stay together with a group)
  • Blanket (if there are any mornings or evenings that will be chilly)
  • Wipes holder
  • Hanging hand sanitizer
  • Extra carabiners attached with zip ties
  • Velcro mesh stroller bag

I attached the two mommy hooks on the frame of the stroller (not on the handle) under the fabric and pushed them toward the middle to evenly balance the weight on the stroller. 

I looped the cooler tote handles around the mommy hooks twice so they wouldn't hit the wheels. I also attached the velcro mesh stroller bag on the frame too. 

I filled the cooler bag with frozen water and the other with snacks. We either carried the back pack, rested it on the top of the stroller or put it in the triangle area near the front wheel. 

Underneath I used the stroller storage space to put our LED glow items for after dark, our stroller rain cover, our water fan/misters and our ponchos. 

One last thing, strollers can be stolen in Disney. I've yet to meet someone where this has happened, but I had spent a pretty penny on my BOB. I borrowed a Tile, which I attached in a non-viewable location on the stroller frame. This allowed me to GPS locate it from an app on my phone if it was taken (or if it got re-located by the stroller gods of Disney) and it gave me peace of mind. 

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Have Disney questions? Want more info? Comment on the blog and I'll get back to you! Happy Disney planning! 


  1. The stroller is awesome but not nearly as awesome as your informative, entertaining and humorous blog. I have a "MomCrush" on you!

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  4. Can you rent this exact stroller from any of the companies that work with disney world?

  5. Hi there! When your kiddos have 100% outgrown the stroller, would you bring one anyways?

  6. I was searching for a way to tell strollers apart at Disney (since I don't think "black jogging stroller" will narrow it down by much) and the idea of a tile attached is just GENIUS!!!