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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Guest Blog "Love Notes to My Body" and Launch Party Invite by Nicole C. Ayers

A huge thank you to our guest blogger Nicole C. Ayers for sharing her journey and generous invitation to the launch party for her three beautiful books. 

Several years ago, I realized I wasn't okay. I was experiencing anxious thoughts and having nightmares, and old wounds I thought I'd buried were showing up in unexpected places.

I made a commitment to myself to make things better. And silly me, I assumed that learning to meditate would do the trick just fine.

Meditation certainly helped, but it wasn't the cure-all I thought it would be. So I went on a journey of self-discovery and realized that I didn't like myself very much, especially my body. When I acknowledged her at all, it was to berate her for her wrongness. She was the wrong size and shape and weight and ability and look . . . and the list went on and on.

I was horrified when I became aware of just how cruel I was to my body. I have two daughters (ages twelve and ten), and I would be heartbroken if they shamed their bodies the way I was shaming mine. But that’s what I was teaching them without even meaning to.

I wanted to change my relationship with my body, and I needed something practical to do.

I've always enjoyed writing notes to people, and writing is how I process my thoughts and feelings. I decided I'd begin to write love notes to my body and all her parts as a daily journaling practice because it's awfully hard to hate something when you're sweet-talking it in a love note.

Over the course of months, I wrote hundreds of love notes to my body parts from my crow's feet to my pinky toe. Sometimes my notes were full of love and gratitude. And sometimes they were full of pain and grief. Anger, even. But they were always a real conversation with my body.

The transformation was liberating. Body parts I'd thought I hated, I now cherished. I appreciated my body in a way I'd never experienced. And while I still struggled to love some of my parts, I was finally able to accept all of them.

One of the best parts of my transformation is the extra energy I now have to experience joy and be creative, energy that used to be spent on trying to make myself fit into society’s definition of “good enough.”'

Of course there are days when that mean little voice cranks up with the nastygrams again, days when I’ve taken an unflattering photo, had a yucky dressing-room experience, or just struggled with my reflection in the bathroom mirror. But those moments are less frequent now, and when that voice shows up, trying to make me feel ashamed of my body, I can usually catch her after just a few minutes and shush her. Because I’ve written so many love notes to my body, it’s the most natural thing to place my hands on my heart and send myself love.

I’ve realized that decades of conditioning around what makes an “ideal” body is going to take time to unlearn. This process to appreciate my body exactly as she is will be a lifelong journey because she will continue to change as I age and experience life.

I love the simplicity of writing love notes to my body, though, because it’s a practice I can revisit whenever and wherever I need to. And it’s a tool that my daughters now have to combat messages that tell them they are anything other than perfect, just as they are. I can’t silence the mean little voices in their minds, but I can teach them how to silence it themselves.

Nicole C. Ayers has been playing with words as long as she can remember. While she's held many jobs in her life, including stints as a server, camp counselor, telemarketer, print shop lackey, bartender, and teacher, editing at Ayers Edits was her favorite, because she combined her love of reading with the fun of wordplay, until she added writer to this list. Now it would be hard to convince her there’s anything better than telling her own stories.

Nicole has written three body-positive companion books (SPARK Publications, February 2020) about her journey to accept and love her body: Love Notes to My Body; Love Letters to My Body: Writing My Way to (Self-)Love; Writing Your Way to (Self-)Love: A Guided Journal to Help You Love Your Body, One Part at a Time. She is available for speaking engagements also.

Nicole lives in South Carolina with her brilliant and brave daughters, her best friend and husband, a goofy dog, a long-suffering tortoise, and the occasional fish.

Contact Nicole at and connect with her on Instagram at @nicolecayers.

Launch Party Details 
Love Notes Joyous Jubilee
Friday, February 21, 2020
1040 Angelica Lane,
Tega Cay, SC, 29708
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

What: Join Nicole C. Ayers to celebrate the launch of her three body-positive companion books:

Love Notes to My Body (

Love Letters to My Body: Writing My Way to (Self-)Love (

Writing My Way to (Self-)Love: A Guided Journal to Help You Love Your Body, One Part at a Time (

Love Notes bundle (

Visit to learn more about the books. Click on the titles to preorder and pick up at the party.

All are welcome. So grab someone you love and bring them with you.

Enter the giveaways for fantastic prizes, including an original painting and a lunch with author Nicole C. Ayers and illustrator Mica Gadhia. Enjoy desserts and libations. Take selfies at the selfie station. Crawl the art gallery. Write your own love note. Erupt into spontaneous dance. Buy a book bundle. Leave with a special thank-you gift.

Books will be available for purchase separately and in bundles, and Nicole will happily sign them. Original artwork by the talented Mica Gadhia, Love Notes to My Body illustrator, will also be available for purchase.

Feeling philanthropic and want to share this work with women in need? There will be a silent auction as well as opportunities for sponsorships to bring these messages of self-acceptance and love to all women.

Can't make the party but want to connect with Nicole? Follow her on Instagram at @nicolecayers and sign up for her Love Notes newsletter at to access “Nicole’s Love Grooves” playlist.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Frozen 2 GIVEAWAY - Available on Digital 2/11/20 and Blu-ray™ 2/25/20

Warm the hearts of your adorable Valentines with a copy of Frozen 2 - being released on Digital 2/11/20, and after Valentine's Day on Blu-Ray™ on 2/25/20.

Mom About Charlotte is doing a giveaway for Digital copies of Frozen 2! Our winner will be drawn on 2/13 - just in time to include this Disney fairytale alongside the chocolate hearts and cards for your sweethearts.

To enter simply comment on our social media with your kid's favorite character from Frozen 2, and why they melt their hearts.
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Here is  more info about the Frozen 2 release!

FROZEN 2 (Walt Disney Animation Studios)
Digital 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere Release Date: Tuesday, February 11th
Blu-ray™ Release Date: Tuesday, February 25th
Run Time: 103 Minutes
Bonus features include a sing-along version of the film plus exclusive content, including outtakes, deleted scenes and songs, and much more! 
Synopsis: Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” has melted hearts around the world, becoming the No. 1 animated feature of all time. Just in time for Valentine’s Day,  the follow-up to 2013’s hit Oscar®-winning Best Animated Feature, “Frozen,” comes home, with a sing-along version and all-new extras. “Frozen 2” bonus features include deleted scenes, deleted songs, Easter eggs, outtakes and a sing-along version with lyrics to the film’s forever-infectious songs. Extras invite viewers to go behind-the-scenes to hear personal, making-of stories from the “Frozen 2” cast and crew. Fans who bring the film home early on Digital will receive two exclusive extras: an interview with songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who won an Oscar® for Best Original Song (“Let It Go,” 2014) and wrote seven original songs for “Frozen 2,” and a deleted song titled “Unmeltable Me.”