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Sunday, June 22, 2014

15 Ways Being a #SAHM is Like Living on an Episode of #OITNB

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My sister and I, both stay-at-home-moms (SAHM), have just finished watching the second season of Orange is the New Black (OITNB) on Netflix after putting the kiddos to bed. After many laughs we started discussing all the ways that being a SAHM is like being on an episode of OITNB. There are many more, but here are our favorites..

1. It's customary to see food being thrown at meal time.
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2. You never shower alone, and often there isn't any hot water left. 
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3. You grow oddly comfortable with doing #1 or #2 while making eye contact with another human. 
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4. Potty training exploits can often end with toddlers urinating on the floor like Crazy Eyes. 
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5. Certain guards (dads) are constantly smuggling in contraband (candy) for the prisoners (kids).
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6. We rarely get furlough unless it involves a trip to the grocery store or Costco.
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7. During transport all kids are on lock down. 
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8. Visitors are eagerly anticipated, but they usually can't stay very long. 
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9. We are constantly yelling 'No Touching!' 
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10. The kids all have nicknames that aren't their given names (bubs, macaroni, Lilly-face)
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11. Toddlers are always looking for an escape route from their child proofed areas. 
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12. The picky eaters will often make you think they've joined the hunger strike with Soso and Sister Jane.
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13. The territorial battle between V and Red have nothing on two toddlers locked on being in control of the iPad. 
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14. Someone is always screaming in the background or cutting off your phone conversations.
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15. We have our own SHU for bad behavior - TIME OUT!!
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Can you relate?? Comment below with your likenesses between life as a SAHM/Mom and OITNB!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

{WIN} Jamberry Nails Mommy Daughter Pedicure and Vlog

Welcome to our first vlog (video blog)! With summer upon us it's flip flop and sandal time causing toes to be bared. This is a great opportunity to feature one of my new favorite products - Jamberry Nail Wraps. My five year old and I are obsessed - check out what all the fuss is about by watching the vlog. 

If you want to get a jump on summer toes by purchasing a set of your own Jamberry Nails Wraps then click on over to and check out Heather's selection of nail wraps. They offer wraps that are subtle, trendy, loud and even football - there is a wrap for everyone! You can also connect with her by 'liking' her on Facebook or follow her on Pinterest. Disclosure: I was given a set of Jamberry Wraps and Jamberry Juniors to facilitate my review (but I was already obsessed with them) and I was also provided with a set for the giveaway from Heather. I only share what I love with my readers! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pinspiration for the Master Bedroom

Hello, my name is Lareina and I'm a pinner.

Hello Lareina. 

Pinterest is my favorite go-to-place in my efforts to make dinner that's not baked chicken every night, and decorate my home so it doesn't look like I'm still in college.

Both are a challenge, because I don't enjoy cooking -  and with two kids I don't have as much time to shop for decor. So I've resorted to pinspiratons on Pinterest to tackle these endeavors and more.

Since moving into our house I've decorated and themed both of the kid's rooms, their bathroom and the common areas. But our poor master bedroom has been put on the back burner. I decided to do some pretty direct steals (pinspiration) from bloggers/decorators with far more talent than myself. 

Here is my first go at the wall over our master bed. All items were purchased at Hobby Lobby, except for the swirly frame which is from Michaels. The bed is from, but I bought it for a reduced price on Joss&Main. The top is my pinspiration from, the bottom is my go at it. 

I'll add pictures as I complete the room! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Carolinas Aviation Museum

Aaaa-bane! Aaaa-bane! (Airplane) My almost 2 year old shouts whenever we're outside and catch one skimming across the sky. Little boys just adore airplanes, so last Saturday we corralled the kids and headed to the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

The Carolinas Aviation Museum is located near the Charlotte airport. They offer a hands-on education workshop for kids several times a month. This Saturday they were making bottle rockets. The kids chose their water bottles and scrawled a rocket worthy design before handing it over to the professionals to load them with vinegar and toilet paper enclosed baking soda. They were put on the launching pad and - boom! They took off into the sky. You can see in the video below (please excuse my cackling laugh).

At the top of the hour we were able to get up close and personal with several airplanes behind the chain linked gates. We strolled through the gigantic hangar that houses over a dozen different types and sized planes. The Carolinas Aviation Museum has the plane that was part of the 'Miracle on the Hudson', on exhibition as well as a fighter plane like the one from Top Gun. The hubs and kids took turns posing for pictures in one of the fighter jets.

It was a fun and educational experience for everyone, the kids really loved the workshop and learning about all the different ways planes are used. The Carolinas Aviation Museum is hosting Time Warner Cable Night on Thursday, June 26th from 5-9pm. They are offering free admission with a current TWC bill and $4 for all others.

If you can't make it that Thursday night, then mark your calendars to bring the kiddos and check out one of their upcoming hands-on educational workshops.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Tail of My Little Mermaid

Do you remember the 80's movie Splash with Darryl Hannah, and her long blonde hair and exotic mermaid tail? It was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I loved the idea that an elegant mythical creature like a mermaid could exist and walk among us. I wanted to be a mermaid and explore the magical oceans with all of the unique sea creatures I'd only ever glimpsed from the other side of the aquarium glass.

When I saw that Brandy, owner of Wild Tails, was creating adorable swimmable mermaid tails (starting at $29.99), I wanted one for myself. How fun?! What a perfect idea for a long summer at the pool! Alas, I decided the neighbors at the pool probably already thought I was weird enough, and bought one for my 5 year old daughter instead.
The swim tails are made of durable swim-suit like material and can be ordered for your little mermaid (or merman) in several colors and patterns. My daughter chose hers in perfect purple. The cool thing about these tails are that they have a hidden foot hole so your mer-kid can walk around when not swimming like a fish. As always, caution should be taken when using the swimmable mermaid tail with young swimmers and all swimmers using the mermaid tails should be closely supervised by an adult. Per my paranoid mama M.O., we always stay within an arms length of our daughter any time she is in the water.