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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Huggies Little Swimmers Playdate with Emily Maynard at Carowinds

It was a beautiful summer day when we joined Emily Maynard and her son at Carowinds. We let our little ones play, clad in their Huggies Little Swimmers.

The babies frolicked and splashed in the Carolina Harbor's new toddler area. The kiddos loved that the Little Swimmers were featuring their favorite fish, Dory & Nemo. I loved that the Little Swimmers stopped leaks, fit little bits perfectly and had easy-open sides for clean up after play.

It was so nice to meet Emily and her son Jennings, she's such a sweet mama and he's an adorable little man! He and little bits enjoyed the spurts of water together in Carolina Harbor. Thanks to Huggies for inviting us! This summer we will be enjoying the sun and water in our Huggies Little Swimmers as we #WaterThemDaily.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

{Giveaway!} Reclaimed Wood American Flag with Reclaimed Rustic Art

{Giveaway of an American Flag Crafted from Reclaimed Wood - Details Below!}

This is Hannah. She's the artist behind Reclaimed Rustic Art - crafting beautiful American, South Carolina and North Carolina flags out of reclaimed wood. She's new to the Charlotte area and is giving away one of her patriotic pieces of art to a lucky Mom About Charlotte follower! Now, that's the kind of southern hospitality that makes me love the South. 

It's the perfect time of the year to get patriotic with the 4th of July just around the corner :) Hannah offers her unique take on flags through her Etsy site - or you can email her directly ( to purchase. Click here to check out all her designs and be sure to favorite her shop on Etsy. 

Hannah stopped by and hand delivered an American flag to me earlier today and the pictures just don't do it justice. It looks like something out of Pottery Barn - but the biggest difference is they are totally one-of-a-kind! It's going to be the perfect statement piece for our front porch decor to celebrate the 4th of July. She offers a flat fee delivery to folks in the Charlotte, NC, and Charleston and Columbia, SC areas. If you're interested in any other state flag Hannah is happy to create a custom piece. 

Be sure to keep up with all of Hannah's creative work by liking her on Facebook here, following her on Instagram here, and adding her on Snapchat with the username @ReclaimedRustic - and don't forget to check out her Etsy store here! 

Now for the {GIVEAWAY}

Click on over to Mom About Charlotte's Facebook page to enter. Winner must be local to Charlotte, NC. You'll need to do ALL 4 things to enter to win!

1. Like the giveaway post on Mom About Charlotte's Facebook page.
3. Share the giveaway post on Facebook PUBLICLY (you'll need to change your privacy setting so I can see you've shared it!)
4. Comment on the giveaway Facebook post with which flag is your favorite. 

Please do all 4 so I can enter you to win one of her custom pieces - drawing on July 1st!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Snapchat in a Snap Tutorials

If you're a little confused by Snapchat, you're not alone! It's not an intuitive platform, and who has time for 30 min long tutorials? Watch my short and thorough videos to help you learn to navigate this interesting new social media app.

Basic Navigation: coming soon

Taking and Sharing Pictures and Video: coming soon

Hacks Etc: coming soon 


Check out this FREE EVENT ages 7-12! If your kids love LEGO® NINJAGO™ Quest2NINJAGO™ you can't miss the WU-CRU Team Challenge that is coming to Charlotte, NC on June 25 & 26, 2016 from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM at the Pineville Toys”R”Us Parking Lot (11300 Carolina Pl. Parkway, Pineville, NC 28134). Registration is required through the website here

The LEGO® NINJAGO™ Quest2NINJAGO™ WU-CRU Team Challenge, a highly visual and interactive obstacle-course competition. The competition course, anchored by large-scale LEGO brick models of two of the play theme’s most popular characters, invites children ages 7-12 in teams of two to compete in eight timed physical and mental challenges. The top team from Charlotte will be sent on an all-inclusive trip to LEGOLAND® California Resort to compete in the Finale.

Some highlights of the event include:

·         Large Scale LEGO Models of Master Wu and Lloyd standing at 80” and 62” tall

·         Four challenge arenas – Fire, Lightning, Energy and Earth

·         Eight physical and mental challenges for teams to show off their physical and mental “ninja” skills – including mazes, puzzles and a building exercise

·         One All-Inclusive trip to LEGOLAND California Resort to be awarded to the highest scoring team where they will compete in a Finale and a chance to win the Quest2NINJAGO championship – including an ultimate NINJAGO prize pack

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shannon Tanner's Most Excellent Pirate Expedition - Hilton Head Island,SC

Our family has been enjoying the beautiful beaches, delicious dining and many family-friendly adventures in Hilton Head Island, SC for the last five years. It's a short four hour drive from Charlotte, NC and is the perfect answer for a fun, picturesque family vacation.

During our most recent visit we had the opportunity to participate in Shannon Tanner's FREE Family Show at Shelter Cove Harbour, which runs Mon-Fri at 7PM and 8:30PM 6/1-9/2/16. This show is a must see for families visiting Hilton Head Island - our kids were instantly engaged as they sang, bounced and scrambled their hair to Shannon's songs and dances. Many Tuesdays they have fireworks at 9:30PM! During the show we learned about Shannon Tanner's Most Excellent Pirate Expedition, my kids were enthralled with the idea. We had been looking for a water adventure that was a good match for our 1, 3 and 7 year old's interests. I figured if the pirate expedition was as appealing to as the show, booking was a no-brainer.

It was easy to book online at, and I was pleased that there were no additional costs for the online convenience (mama hates fees). Tickets can also be purchased the night of the show or the morning of the excursion (if tickets are still available). The expedition kicks off from Shelter Cove Harbour Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30AM and goes until about 10:30AM.

Adults are $30, kids 3-12 are $25 and kids 2 and under are free - which was great because little bits is hit or miss on any participation as a 1 year old. The pirate adventure included skull adorned pirate bandanas (you can hide your treasure in it too!), an eye patch, a foam dagger, a tattoo and a portion of the recovered treasure. From the moment we arrived Shannon was in full pirate-captain character, he welcomed each kid as he and his mates helped them pirate-ify. E loved the foam dagger and spent lots of time making pirate gestures and faces as he and S bounded around their scurvy new crew.

Shannon's enthusiasm and gift for story-telling ensured that the kids were occupied throughout the two hours we spent together. Shannon led them exploring through the harbour to find clues about the missing treasure, incorporating the kids into the story line. We boarded the large boat donned in pirate paraphernalia. Once aboard there was a good amount of shade. Usually HHI has a nice breeze along the harbour, but the day we went was about 99.9% humidity and holy pirate booty - we were melting. I would recommend bringing a personal fan and some water if your expedition day is as toasty as ours was. The older two were not at all phased by the temperature - they were too busy pirating, but did drink water. Shannon and his crew seemed unphased by the temperature and kept the show fun and exciting throughout.

We took our seats on the large white boat and we were off on the treacherous seven seas! Well - it was the harbor - and luckily the water was very calm and avoided potential sea sickness. The kids learned the proper way 'educated' pirates talk - it was cute. My husband, mother and I really enjoyed the way that Shannon crafted his script to speak the language of fun and excitement for the kids while also being charismatic and quick-witted for the adults. There were lots of interactions between the kids and the pirate crew as we searched for our stolen treasure.

During our voyage we saw two dolphins swimming nearby who 'helped' us figure out where the treasure had been taken. The kids were able to get out their aggressions in a healthy water-based way as they doused Stinky Slimy Slim with water blasters until he decided to join our family of good pirates and return the treasure.

Once the treasure was re-captured each child got to share in a few pieces of pirate gold and jewels to take home with them. Once back on land they each received a chocolate coin - what a sweet victory - and had the opportunity to get their daggers signed by the crew. The kids couldn't stop talking about what a blast they had together and all the pirate hi jinx that had ensued.

If you're bringing your family to Hilton Head Shannon Tanner's Most Excellent Pirate Expedition won't disappoint - I'm not the only one who gave this tour two swords up - check out their Trip Advisor Page here. To follow Shannon and all his crew's excitement follow them on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.

Monday, June 6, 2016

When You're Going Out Dancing, But You're a 35 Year Old Mom

My baby sister Larisa turned 35 last week, how she is officially closer to being a 40-something than being a 30-something is beyond me. It feels like just yesterday we were hoping we wouldn't get ID'd so we could get into the club and dance- ah the good 'ol days!

Present day with the addition of five children between the two of us and 15 years, it's been a hot minute since we've been out dancing like our historically dancing-queen selves. But it was my baby sister's 35th birthday so we sent the Facebook invite to all the moms we thought might be able to muster an after 9PM go at the club.

Once our 'squad' materialized we sat sipping our martini's, laughing about how tired and lame we were, and how long it had been since we had been "out". I started regaling the ladies with the sad, but funny story that was my pre-gaming experience when you're going out dancing, but you're a 35 year old mom.

1. Make plans weeks in advance, confirm child care and get excited - because it's a kid-free Moms Gone Dancing Night Out On The Town! Wooohooo! Send group text messages about how long it's been since you've all been out - include dancing woman and excited-face-sticking-out-tongue emojis.
2. The day of Moms Gone Dancing receive text messages from other mom asking, "9:30pm? Isn't that kind of late to go out - maybe we should meet at 8?.." Reflect back on how in your twenties you ate dinner at 9, started pre-gaming at 10 and didn't dare show up to a club until at least 11pm, because you know - all the lame people were there before then. Allow the realization to sink in that you are now said lame people...sadly I already knew that.. Text other mom back "Stop at Starbucks and rally my friend, we're going to hit double digit PM tonight and maybe even end up back in the single digits of the AM."

3. Stay braless and in your yoga pants until the VERY last minute you have to squish yourself back into your lovely-lady-lumps cage and begin the process of bringing your hot mess self to presentation status.

4. Approach your closet - scan for your most trendy option that also most closely resembles yoga pants. Settle on a dress, assess yourself in said dress. Rummage for your Spanx and proceed to stuff yourself into them, because mama needs to reign it in a bit. I remember my Spanx in my twenties... it was called my skin...

5. Onward! Time for shoes - hello *uck me pumps - oh I've missed you, it's been far, far too long. Caress them, they're so sexy, so hip - still actually on trend. Put them down, dejectedly, because your feet are a size larger now that you've had three babies. Those pumps are a dirty little minx you can no longer rock, unless you want a foot cramp or a broken ankle. Select flats and shove your orthotics inside them - play on playa!

6. Do hair - and onto make up - in my car. In my twenties I had the most beautiful vanity where I would spend all this luxurious time perfecting my 'smoky eye'.  Now 99% of my makeup (when it's done) is applied in the driver's seat in my driveway, or in a parking lot after my kids have fallen asleep. You've got to agree, it is good lighting and you can get really close to see all the new wrinkles 35 years and three kids have added to your forehead.

7. Time to head out. Pulling out of the driveway I realize how dark it is. I'm usually in PJ's the moment the kids go to bed and snuggled with my husband on the couch binging on Netflix- I'm NOT USED TO BEING OUT PAST SUNSET. I'm So. Damn. Lame. Search for my night time driving glasses for my old ass eyes and continue on my way.

8. I'm picking up the birthday girl, and she's already texted me about how tired she is. So I'm thinking I need to create a party ambiance with some awesome music for when I roll up in my carseat-heavy minivan. Awesome music, awesome music.. what is popular right now? Blurred Lines? No, that was last summer, or was that the summer before? Ugh it's all becoming one long year only broken up by end of the year soccer tournaments and spirit days that you remember 5 minutes before the kids need to get on the bus. What ever even happened to Robin Thicke? For the love of all that is holy, I have no idea what current hip music is. I'm going with my comfortable standard - add Nelly station to Pandora. It's getting hot in here!
9. I'll tell you friends - it was a slow boil at first, but we rallied and conjured our twenty-something-selves and stayed out dancing until 2am. We even ended stopping at Wal-mart to get contact solution but came out with a fishing pole, cookies, a beach ball and a He-Man tank top that said "Sup Ladies". Longer story.... Happy Birthday baby sister!