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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Christmas Came Early for this Mom! House Cleaning with {Plus Coupon Code}

As a single woman my house was always clean and tidy, oh the organized life I used to lead! Then I became a Mom and my standards had to be lowered, and lowered and lowered yet again as kiddo #3 joined our family. Priorities have shifted to play dates and soccer games instead of dusting and deep cleaning. It's the reality of my mom-life as I balance work, kids, husband and the occasional MNO.

In the past I've hired house cleaners through friend's word-of-mouth, but they'd never done the job as thoroughly as I felt I would have done it if I had the time. I never knew what was included or not included, or how much it would really cost me if they charged hourly instead of by the job. 

Enter, they contacted me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing their house cleaning services. I skeptically told them that while it sounded wonderful, I was hard to please and that I only share what I LOVE with my readers, and that if I wouldn't recommend it to my sister I wouldn't review their service on my blog. They agreed to the terms and at 11:30 PM from the comfort of my bed while watching "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" on Netflix I booked a full clean service with Cliff and Daniel. 

After you create an account at, you can get quotes for different providers in the area based on your zip code, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the level of cleaning you need. 
Each of the providers are background screened before they can be featured on the website, and since it can be odd having a stranger in your house, they are also bonded and insured to protect you. They keep high standards, only 3% of applicants pass their process. Plus they bring ALL the cleaning supplies!

I loved that when I booked the service - either light, full or deep clean I knew EXACTLY what to expect would be done upon my arrival home. I liked having a guarantee spelled out so that I wouldn't be disappointed. 

Each provider has a satisfaction number along with customer reviews, the number of recurring customers that they clean for, their fee and their availability. In just a few clicks I was able to book Cliff and Daniel for a full clean of my home, easy peasy.

I received a text message from Cliff and Daniel confirming my appointment and touching base. I was at work while Cliff and Daniel cleaned and my nanny was home to let them in. She was really impressed with how hard they worked and that they even brought in ladders and cleaned ON TOP OF MY CABINETS. Friends, they no joke unearthed 4 years of dust up there. I was hearing lots of good things on the phone from home-base, but I knew the true test would be me walking through the house to gauge the level of clean myself. 

When I got home, no joke - it was like Mommy-Freakin-Christmas-Morning. My house looked AMAZING. Each room I walked into was like opening a present of exactly what I wanted - clean organization that I haven't experienced in oh - 8 years.

My hardwoods gleamed, everything was neat and tidy, the carpets were fluffy from being vacuumed (even the stairs!), my master bathroom sparkled. Sparkled. My whole family showers in our master bathroom and it's a never-ending effort to keep it under control. Cliff and Daniel had every inch of my granite wiped down, every shelf dusted, the beds made, the laundry in the dryer I hadn't gotten to - FOLDED. They even organized my daughters heap of books shoved into her bookshelf into a tidy show-room like state. BLISSSSSS! 

Guys, I know I'm a mom and I tear easily for emotional things -but I don't think I've ever teared up over my house being so gloriously clean. It's the truth - the cleanliness brought me to happy tears! 

I can't recommend the quality work that Cliff and Daniel from did enough - I've already shared my experience with my close friends so that they can experience the #MomLifeBliss that I was lucky enough to get connected to.

Did I mention they even left me chocolates? A clean house and chocolates. These guys are speaking my language, and I'll be booking them again very soon. 

You can enter the same level of #MomLifeBliss and get a $10 discount by using the code MOMABOUTCLTDEAL.

If you book through I'd love to hear your experiences, comment below!