Monday, January 13, 2014

Sexy After Baby

Laundry. Kids. Exhaustion. Lactation.

It's a universal truth - once you become a mommy your body isn't quite the same again. There's a little something extra here, a little something deflated there - but overall still in good working condition.

Once I had my daughter I awarded my body a badge of WOW for it's ability to develop, birth and nourish a child. I felt my body was pretty amazing, but between the wee hour nursing marathons and baby puke covered clothes my sexy was running on empty - and I needed a tune up.

It was time to take a quick break from mommy duties, ditch the burp cloth and step out of my comfort zone. I decided I wanted to take a pole dance class at Pole Dance Charlotte. I love to dance and I'm pretty outgoing, but I was still VERY intimidated to try it. 

The biggest issue to overcome was that I didn't fit my pre-conceived mental image of who takes these classes - I was a real housewife but looked nothing like the Real Housewives. I was worried I'd feel awkward and uncomfortable and that there would be LIVE NUDE WOMEN swinging from poles while I tried to hold on without twisting my ankle. Getting my sexy on was going to take a little leap of faith.

I grabbed my only pair of heels and donned shorts and a tank top. When I arrived at the class I was relieved to see other women who ranged in size, age and fitness level - all fully clothed. The other class members were so welcoming, and I found the atmosphere to be supportive and encouraging.

Kelly, the owner and instructor made the class fun, a good kind of challenging and gave us all encouragement to move our bodies to awaken the slumbering sex goddess within. I smiled, laughed and cheered on my fellow dancers as we learned spins, cheeky moves and how to shake our booty.

My first class had me hooked. I felt sexy, strong and empowered. I've taken pole dance classes for nearly 5 years and continue to enjoy each class and all the amazing ladies I meet. I've also learned fun moves for the bedroom from the 'Sexy Chair Dance' classes I've taken - and it certainly gets the husband's seal of approval.

Kelly at Pole Dance Charlotte offers classes, packages and private parties for birthdays, mom's nights out and bachelorette parties. I've booked several of her private parties for mom's nights outs and the ladies who show up always have a blast. One of my good friends told me that Kelly's class helped to re-ignite the flame she feared she had lost for good after giving birth to her daughter.

With Valentine's Day approaching Pole Dance Charlotte is running a 'Sexy Chair Dance' class Monday 2/10/14 - Wednesday 2/12/14 at 7:15 PM and a 'Sexy Chair Dance with Twerking Workshop' on Thursday 2/13/14 at 7:15. The class is first come first serve and ONLY $5! For more information you can call Kelly at 980-226-1718 or visit which is located at 1127 S. Mint St. Suite B Charlotte, NC 28203.


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