Monday, March 31, 2014


Girls + STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) = EXCITEMENT!!  Project Scientist in Charlotte wants to share this equation for fun and success with your daughters ages 4-12 through their Project Scientist Academy.  
Photo Credit: Project Scientist
Project Scientist Academy is a weekly summer program which will engage and inspire your daughters through hands-on experiments, discovery-based learning, field trips, expeditions and the arts. Female STEM role models and mentors will interact with your daughters, and share their passion for their STEM careers. 

Project Scientist Academy is now enrolling for weekly curriculums held at Queens University and the Trinity Episcopal School. This is an amazing opportunity to help your daughter cultivate her knowledge and develop leadership skills to help her reach her highest potential.

Photo Credit: Project Scientist
 Project Scientist through a National Science Foundation funded curriculum Sci-Girls recently hosted 30 educators from CMS and surrounding Charlotte area schools. They educated the teachers in the best practices to encourage girls in STEM's. Many of the educators will become instructors at this year's Project Scientist Academy and others will bring these techniques into their classrooms around the Charlotte area.

I was honored to participate in last year's Project Scientist Academy as a STEM presenter, I'm an embryologist and I spoke with the girls about how embryos develop into babies and about my interesting career. I was impressed and encouraged by the organic curiosity of the girls and the well thought out questions they asked.

To enroll your future scientist visit the Project Scientist Academy. Sessions begin June 23rd and run through August 8th.


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