Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Awesome Adventure Air Sports in Rock Hill, SC

My family has been obsessed with Ultimate Beastmaster on TV. If your family hasn't been rooting for the super-hero like competitors from your couch - it's a silly, high energy show.

When we saw the ninja obstacle course that Adventure Air Sports in Rock Hill opened, each member of our family wanted to give it a try. From littlest bits to Dad, they all got a chance to test out their own ninja skills on the obstacles. This obstacle course is legit! My husband was able to make it through the first portion but the upper body strength required for the rest was beyond everyone's ability. We got lots of laughs and some cute photos.

In addition to their killer ninja obstacle course, they also have a TON of trampoline options and So. Many. Foam. Pits. My kids loved the trapeze, zip line, and battle area. I enjoyed going toe-to-toe with my husband over the foam pits. Our 3 year old was getting down to the beats while bouncing all around. They also offer a SUPER tramp - a trampoline with a lot more give for daredevils. 

On weekends Adventure Air Sports hosts Glow nights, specially themed for teens and tweens. They host birthdays, date nights and company events. This is without a doubt my favorite trampoline park we've been to. It was fresh, clean, new and so much fun!

Adventure Air Sports is located in Rock Hill on Cherry Road. You can follow them on their Facebook page and even purchase Holiday Jump Packages on their website.


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