Friday, June 26, 2015

All Un Apologies..

think that some mommy blogs must have caught a virus lately. Symptoms include wonderful mothers composing long open letters of apology for being human mothers to human children in the real world. 

I'm truly baffled by, yet perfectly understand many aspects of this mommy self-loathing phenomenon. As a mom of three I often feel like I'm not getting it right, amen to that - been there, done that, probably doing it tomorrow. 

However what I can't stomach, what really eats at me, is when moms who love and care for their children write letters apologizing for things like their first born being raised around too many adults because they hadn't found other mommy friends quite yet. Did the adults hurt them? No you say, oh, it's just that there weren't other kids to play with every second of the day from the moment the cord was cut onward? Total mommy fail. 

Or apologizing for serving home made healthy (probably effing organic to boot) baby foods that were bland, thus robbing their child of an eclectic pallet. ::face palm people, face palm::

Too many mommies are making a career out of apologizing for ridiculousness like this, creating an unrealistic expectation for what raising a child should be like. One thing is for sure, apologizing to them for experiences that are normal and healthy parts of living and growing up will do them no favors in the real world.

I beg of you fellow mommy bloggers - stop the madness. We are human, we are mothers, and the well-intentioned loving and raising of our children does not need to be apologized for.

I will certainly owe my children an apology for something I do at some point, but like my mother before me, I'll save my real apologies for when I do something awful - like letting my daughter leave the house with her hair like this in middle school. 


  1. Couldn't agree more with this post. We're humans and will make mistakes when it comes to parenting especially since each child is different. Parenting is a mixture of trial and error. And kids will be kids. So let's save the apologies for things that really require one.