Monday, July 4, 2016

Family Figurines from Portrait Innovations 3D Studio Experience

Since becoming a mother I've taken on a self-appointed mama-paparazzi status. "Smile for mama sweetie!" echoes through our home on the daily. I'm consciously living in the moment - but I'm also taking photos, scheduling photo shoots and recording videos. In my mind I'm trying to freeze-frame  these precious moments with our children.

"Soak it up now," my friends with older kids say, "You're going to blink and they'll be teenagers. I miss mine being so little!"

All I can think is that I miss mine being as little as they were last week! There are no more crawlers in my house, my son is entering his last year of pre-school and my daughter has lost too many baby teeth to count. These moments are fleeting, so I'm doing my best to 'soak it up' while we're living in these memory-making years.

Down the road, when our house is quiet and there are no lunches to pack or diapers to change, I want to be able to reflect back on our pictures, videos and keepsakes and re-live the highlights of our lives together. The details of their chubby little arms, their little peanut noses and toothless grinning smiles. Every day I think to myself "If only I could freeze time."

When I discovered Portrait Innovation's newest line of products from their 3D Studio Experience, I was thrilled by how their technology essentially allows you to freeze time in a 3D figurine. In addition to their beautiful portraits work, Portrait Innovations in the Promenade Shopping Center in Charlotte is offering their 3D Studio Experience, which takes photography to a whole new level. 

Over 200 cameras work in concert to capture your family's 3D image inside their state-of-the-art studio.  They are one of only a few studios across the country offering this 3D technology- so Charlotte, we're lucky!

The kids happily stepped into the 3D studio and cheesed for the camera. Once our favorite photo was selected they were able to create a 3D keepsake figurine of the kids. In addition to figurines they also offer wedding toppers, bust statues, face magnets, game pieces, mini caricature figurines, and my kid's personal favorite - mini heads that fit on their LEGO bodies. 

They did an amazing job of capturing the essence of our kids in 3D - I LOVE how little bits is mid-step in her bare feet, little hands clasped - and that sprig of hair! My big guy is wearing his up-to-shenanigans-smile and my almost 8 year old has her hand on her hip, showing her natural sassiness! It's my sweet kids, perfectly frozen in time. 

While I was getting all weepy about their individual figurines, my kids were over the moon about their custom mini heads -which were only $4.99! They're ecstatic to be real characters in their block building endeavors. 

While every parent would love these figurines, they also make an amazing one-of-a-kind gift for grandparents! Grandparents Day is coming up on September 11th - so you still have time to order Grandma and Grandpa something that'll make their day memorable. We had our portrait studio session on a Saturday and it took about a week to receive our figurines and mini heads, I was impressed with the fast turn around time. 

Figurines range from $99 to $349 depending on the size and number of people. Our figurines were 6" and cost $99 each, if we had done a group figurine (i.e. if little bits would have stood still..) it would have cost $199 for the group of three, and they would have been created proportionally to one another.

For the month of July 2016 Portrait Innovations in Charlotte is offering a coupon for 25% off of figurines - so be sure to make an appointment soon to take advantage of the discount!

For more information you can stop by Portrait Innovations in the Promenade Shopping Center located at 5349 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Suite 700 Charlotte NC, or give them a call at 704-844-8633. They are closed on Mondays but open 9am-6pm Tuesday through Sunday. You can also click here for more information about their studio and schedule an appointment online. 

We were gifted our figurines and mini-heads, but as always my opinions are my own. I only share what I love with my readers, and I think you'll love these adorable custom keep sakes. 


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