Friday, January 22, 2016

Controlling Playroom Chaos: Bin me up Scotty

Well, another Christmas has come and gone, leaving in its wake - playroom chaos. I'm still (trying) to institute my "rule of 5" that I previously blogged about, and it has been helpful to keep down on the sheer quantity of crap that covers my floors. However, I realized I needed to organize the 'fives' to make any daily impact.

That's when I decided to {Bin me up Scotty}! We set off to the institution that is IKEA, filled the kids with Swedish meatballs (free kids meals that weekend) and navigated the labyrinth of organizing options. We finally settled on 4 tower TROFAST's and their assorted bins. We wanted to be able to keep certain items up and away from our 3 year old, but within the reach of our 7 year old, and with it's 57" height it met our needs. The TROFAST system was on sale during the month of January.

In addition to the TROFAST organizers, I also consolidated their games by recycling all the boxes and moving the game's contents into labeled Ziploc bags. This reduced our towering pile of boxes to bin-able easy to see and grab games. It look so much neater and the kids have been playing with them more because they're accessible, unlike the ominous teetering tower of boxes.


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