Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bar Menu Deals at Cheesecake Factory South Park

My boring shuffle from work to home was pleasantly interrupted last week. My girlfriend Shannon and I scheduled some much needed face-to-face time to catch up and experience the new bar menu deals at the Cheesecake Factory in South Park. Twist my arm Cheesecake Factory! Yes I'll enjoy delicious apps for $5.95 (normally $12) any Monday thru Friday from 4:00-6:00pm while I sip on martinis and laugh bar-side with one of my favorite ladies instead of sitting in traffic on 77!

We all know that the Cheesecake Factory is second to none in all things cheesecake, but what I hadn't expected was the flavor and variety of their $5.95 bar menu. It's not your average bar fare.

First we started out with the Korean fried cauliflower, a sweet and spicy take on our favorite white veggie.

My absolute favorite was the Avocado egg roll, they are crispy and savory avocado happiness.

If you enjoy a little bit of heat I recommend the crispy tempura dynamite shrimp.

For a more costal flare we tasted their crispy crab bites - who doesn't love crab cakes? They taste like vacation feels.

The most unique item we chose was the sweet corn tamale cakes - they were sweet with a hint of savor from the salsa verde.

I love mojitos, and Cheesecake Factory served up one which was perfectly muddled and refreshing.

They offer an extensive bar menu for $5.95 (4-6pm M-F) including fried macaroni and cheese, "Happy Hour" burger, foot long hot dog, factory nachos, Tex Mex egg rolls and more.

We ended our visit with to-go slices of mouth watering cheesecake for the hubbies who were home with the kiddos.

Shake up and enjoy your M-F afternoon with a stop to the Cheesecake Factory in South Park to get a great deal on their new bar menu.


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