Monday, February 29, 2016

Exit Strategy {Date Nights Worth the Babysitter}

Hey babe, I've got an idea for our date night. You. Me. Let's lock ourselves in a dimly lit room. We'll conjure up some magic - and then.... solve puzzles, unlock hidden secrets and protect the castle against a dragon attack! This was the M.O. for escape-the-room-game date night at Exit Strategy, an hour of brain-expanding, challenging excitement.

The moment you step into the 'Quest of Honor' room you're transported to a castle where medieval music fills the room and builds excitement as the Exit Strategy guide reviews the rules of play. I can't reveal too much about what we did in the room, the strategy of the game must be kept a secret to ensure fair play. If you enjoy strategy board games, intellectual experiences, trying new things and having lots of fun, you'll love the rooms at Exit Strategy.

We pieced together clues and riddles and worked together with 6 other team members to complete our mission and defeat the dragon. Unfortunately we didn't beat the room, we achieved about 75% of our mission within the hour, but we had SUCH a blast! It was fun not to know what to expect. It required me to dust off my baby-brain and start thinking out-of-the-box, inside of the room. 

There can be up to 10 participants in a room, and we played with people we didn't know. I think it would have been an even better time trying to exit the room with friends. The additional familiarity and camaraderie may have helped in the decision making and negotiating the room to locate and decipher clues faster. Either way you try with friends or strangers, you're set up for an adventure. We got stuck on a couple of clues and were able to ask the Exit Strategy guide for clues via the walkie talkie. They  gave us a little direction, since the majority of us were first time strategists. 

Now that we've experienced one room we're hooked and want to try the other rooms. We think that we'll have a better feel for how to strategize (even though each are quite different) and hopefully be able to beat the room. Not that we REALLY want to beat the room or anything. (We really want to beat the room..) 

For more information and to easily book a date night worth the babysitter online you can check out their website here. You can keep up to date with their Instagram, Facebook at Twitter pages. 

Exit Strategy also works with companies offering team building experiences.

We were invited to experience Exit Strategy free of cost so I could review it, but as always all opinions are my own. I only review and share what I love in the Queen City with my readers. 


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