Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Tail of My Little Mermaid

Do you remember the 80's movie Splash with Darryl Hannah, and her long blonde hair and exotic mermaid tail? It was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I loved the idea that an elegant mythical creature like a mermaid could exist and walk among us. I wanted to be a mermaid and explore the magical oceans with all of the unique sea creatures I'd only ever glimpsed from the other side of the aquarium glass.

When I saw that Brandy, owner of Wild Tails, was creating adorable swimmable mermaid tails (starting at $29.99), I wanted one for myself. How fun?! What a perfect idea for a long summer at the pool! Alas, I decided the neighbors at the pool probably already thought I was weird enough, and bought one for my 5 year old daughter instead.
The swim tails are made of durable swim-suit like material and can be ordered for your little mermaid (or merman) in several colors and patterns. My daughter chose hers in perfect purple. The cool thing about these tails are that they have a hidden foot hole so your mer-kid can walk around when not swimming like a fish. As always, caution should be taken when using the swimmable mermaid tail with young swimmers and all swimmers using the mermaid tails should be closely supervised by an adult. Per my paranoid mama M.O., we always stay within an arms length of our daughter any time she is in the water. 


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