Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pinspiration for the Master Bedroom

Hello, my name is Lareina and I'm a pinner.

Hello Lareina. 

Pinterest is my favorite go-to-place in my efforts to make dinner that's not baked chicken every night, and decorate my home so it doesn't look like I'm still in college.

Both are a challenge, because I don't enjoy cooking -  and with two kids I don't have as much time to shop for decor. So I've resorted to pinspiratons on Pinterest to tackle these endeavors and more.

Since moving into our house I've decorated and themed both of the kid's rooms, their bathroom and the common areas. But our poor master bedroom has been put on the back burner. I decided to do some pretty direct steals (pinspiration) from bloggers/decorators with far more talent than myself. 

Here is my first go at the wall over our master bed. All items were purchased at Hobby Lobby, except for the swirly frame which is from Michaels. The bed is from, but I bought it for a reduced price on Joss&Main. The top is my pinspiration from, the bottom is my go at it. 

I'll add pictures as I complete the room! 


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