Saturday, July 9, 2016

Random Act of Kindness Day

Join my sister Larisa (, and invite your friends as she encourages us all to participate in a #RandomActOfKindnessDay. She's putting her idea of #spreadinglove into action! 

Here is the invite to "attend" on Sunday, July 31st - join her and invite your friends! Let's share love and kindness!

From the invite: 
  With all the hate and violence that has been in the news lately this country needs a day where everybody thinks of someone else and spreads love and kindness. Please continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones, but also get up and do something to help this country step away from the hate. 

If everyone in this country did one random act of kindness from 324 million people, that could have a huge impact and change that hatred into love. 

What are some random acts of kindness you could do? Help someone cross the street, listen to another person who is talking about hardships in their lives, volunteer for a nonprofit organization, give blood, give a hug, give a compliment, write a thank you letter, send a small gift to someone for no reason, pay for someone's coffee, pay for someone's grocery bill, cut a neighbor's grass, shake the hand of a stranger, help that mother in the grocery store whose kid is having a tantrum, give free lessons if you have an artistic talent, bake a cake for a member of the community, JUST DO SOMETHING! 

If we an make this go viral, get it on the news and get everyone to know this good day exists it might be one step closer to peace in this country. 

No, I don't think it will change everything, but it's one step closer to love!
Please invite your FB friends and everyone you know to take part in this day! Then on July 31st comment on what you did as your random act of kindness. Sending much love to you all!


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