Friday, July 8, 2016

Kid-Friendly Stops to Beat the Heat at South Park Mall

Moms. It's getting hot out.

Yes, I know we live in the the South, but this week it's felt more like we're straddling equator rather than living in Charlotte, NC.

My sister and I were bemusing where to bring our kiddos on these too-hot-to-be-outside Summer days and we came up with a fabulous game plan. South Park Mall is one of my favorite places to stroll and shop. Malls are perfect for getting the kid's energy out while sneaking in a few errands and catching some sales.

We parked in the Dillard's parking garage so our swagger wagons were covered and not volcanic upon our return with exhausted little ones.
Our first stop was the LEGO store, the kids were able to play with some of their loose LEGO's and check out all the large box LEGO possibilities. If you swing by the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month you can participate in their FREE LEGO mini-build. Pre-registration is required and you can sign up for August's mini-build by going here.

We wandered into Pottery Barn Kids which always has SO much adorable stuff that makes my wallet cry. The kids like the kitchen sets, cranes and tea parties they have out for exploration by little hands. It's easy to spend time taking in all their newest must-haves for the house while the kids play house and I rationalize how it's actually a pretty good deal to spend $200 on a comforter (I mean it's on sale..).

The Disney Store has recently moved from Carolina Place Mall to South Park, and being a major Disney fan - it's always a must stop. The Disney Store is hosting Summer Play Days until September 5th. Each day your kids ages 3+ can participate in store events including Art of Animation, Trivia, Story Time and Showtime. Specific dates kids will receive a FREE TSUM TSUM wrist band - check out the dates here. Our kids love spotting their favorite characters, coloring and watching clips of Disney movies.

Next we swung by the Microsoft store to take in all that's new and digital. They offer FREE #YouthSparkCamps for kids ages 5-24 you can find out more about their offerings by clicking here.

My kids are love the samples of tea at Teavana so I order an iced tea while the kids follow me around the store with their tiny sample cups thinking they're all British and such. I love collecting all of their tea one ounce at a time. 

The American Girl store is a perfect place to bring your kids to wander, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it too. It's 100% concentrated girliness throughout the store. There is so much for the little ones to look at, and you can even grab a snack at their bistro. They offer events throughout the month ranging in price from $10-$40, you can see their events schedule here at the bottom of the page. 

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Last but not least is squishy, climbing, crawling fun of the outdoor ship play area located just outside of Urban Outfitters and California Pizza kitchen. I know these were tips to beat the heat, but stopping at this fun playground will give you a little while to warm up again before you head back inside to enjoy the AC in all its majesty. The bonus of this area is that there are large sails to create shade, however be aware that some of the ground and the equipment that is getting direct sunlight can be very hot. This is where you'll get an A+ if you've remembered to pack water bottles!

On your way out the door grab yourself a Starbucks for the drive home, and hope that the kiddos fall asleep in the car so you can park in the driveway running the air while they sleep and you scroll through your favorite social media site. Huzzah summer!


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