Saturday, July 14, 2018

Backyard Fun: Water Gun Paint Battles

We're deep into summer vacation 2018 at home with the kids, and I was in need of inspiration for some fun (cheap) memory making experiences. 

I stood in my local Michael's craft store reading and contemplating the FUN versus MESS factor of their new product Goblies. Washable paint for water guns. I've always wanted to go to a paint gun range - but the potential welts from high powered guns had always turned me off. I'd never seen a product like this for family fun.

The idea of a water gun paint battle in our backyard sounded like SO much summer fun -  but I've been known to drink the Koolaid when it comes to ideas that SOUND fun but end up being a hot mess. Would everything get stained? Who would get hurt? Would we all look like a bad tie-dye incident for the rest of the summer?

I hesitantly put a few colors into my cart. They were on the best sale that I'd seen (under $5 each) and it seemed like a great way to celebrate my son's summer birthday with the family. We swung by the dollar tree and picked up squirt guns 3 for $1. I also bought a giant syringe to help load the guns with paint.

We set up teams and invited everyone to wear shirts that were ok to be destroyed, in case the washable claims didn't play out. Armed with our paint filled guns, an array of sunglasses to provide some eye protection, music, paper towels, towels and a hose to wash off any collateral damage we headed outside for a battle of fun!

It was an awesome experience. Everyone got covered in colors and luckily everything that the paint touched washed off easily, including my stamped concrete patio, patio chairs, play house and water table. After a soapy shower the color came easily off of our skin as well.

This isn't a sponsored or paid ad, just something my family enjoyed. As always, I only share what I love - and the price point, happy shrieks and smiles from everyone was a win-win for this experience.