Saturday, December 29, 2012

Horse Carriage Rides Uptown

Ever since we've moved to Charlotte I've been ever so slightly obsessed with the uptown horse drawn carriage rides. There is something so nostalgic and fun about carriage rides, very ala Disney princess. I'd been telling my husband that we really needed to check it out, but each time we were uptown the conditions just weren't ideal to catch a ride. The stars finally aligned and we were able to bring our little princess on the carriage ride. All of the carriages are private, and we took the 20 minute ride just in case S wasn't as keen on it as we thought she would be. Everyone really enjoyed it, and S thought it was amazing that we were riding a horse in the streets of Charlotte. She still talks about it and points it out any time we are uptown. The carriage tours are running most evenings all week long and some afternoons on the weekends weather permitting. You can call 704-301-5111 before heading out to make sure they are open.  They are located at the corner of Trade and Tryon Streets. Bundle the family up for a memorable, educational and affordable experience uptown.

20 minute city ride
$25 - for 2 adults
Kids under 4 free
Kids 4-10 an extra $3
Kids 10+ an extra $5

40 minute historical ride
$40 - for 2 adults
Kids under 4 free
Kids 4-10 an extra $4
Kids 10+ an extra $7

Momma Tip: There can be a wait, if it's substantial enough have your hubby wait while you take the kids to the free Wells Fargo History Museum just 4 blocks away at 401 South Tryon Street. It's a great place for the kids to run around.


  1. Horse carriages are available in Central park to have tour and romantic ride in central park, NYC.